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What are readers saying about Heavenly Hosts? 

Written to give children a “glimpse” of Jesus in the Host, this book is fascinating for adults as well. The drawings are sweet and bring out the little details that make the stories so pleasant to read. Kate L
The kids and I love this book! Beautiful illustrations with inspiring stories. A little treasure for every Catholic home. I sent one as a gift to my godchildren. Great for bedtime reading. My boys, ages 12, 10, 7, and 4, all enjoyed the stories and begged me to read them every night. Will read them again and again! Elise A
Easy to read, short stories about the miracles of the Eucharist. Great material for kids to understand what the Eucharist is and how miracles still happen! How Christ is alive in the Blessed Sacrament! Kids loved it!  Julio C
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The Brave Heart Series

Now a new series of books for young people filled with Catholic heroes and heroines who battle the forces of evil in their lives. In these works of historical fiction written for ages 7-13, readers will be inspired by Catholics who put their lives on the line for Christ. Featured are heroes like Fr. Gereon Goldmann (made famous by the book In the Shadow of His Wings) who stood up to Nazi oppression in the German army. He rescues a young soldier from death, inspiring him to return to the faith. Also featured in the series is the little-known Jesuit missionary of the 1700’s, Fr Sebastian Rale who lived for thirty years among the Abenaki Indians as their beloved priest. He became the hated enemy of the British who put a bounty on his head.

Awarded the Seal of Approval by the Catholic Writer’s Guild!

The dreaded day had finally come. World War II raged throughout Europe and beyond. A Nazi soldier knocks on the door of the farmhouse where teenager Felix Culpa Schmidt lives with his family, including his younger brother, Willy, who is a child with Down Syndrome. The draft notice is tersely delivered. “Report on January 11th and bring your birth certificate.” Felix becomes an unwilling soldier in the German army, forced to serve Adolph Hitler, a man who enacts a plan to kill thousands of ‘useless eaters’- citizens who are elderly or disabled, citizens like his brother Willy.

The quiet life of this peaceful Catholic family is thrown into turmoil. Felix and his loyal dog are assigned to rescue wounded soldiers on the battlefield, working closely with a mysterious soldier who reveals shocking secrets. Here begins an unforgettable adventure of faith and courage.


Young readers will be captivated by this thrilling story of faith and courage.

In the year 1689, Jesuit Father Sebastian Rale traveled by canoe down the Kennebec River of northern New England. Friendly Abenaki Indians paddled him to the shores of  Norridgewock village, a place that was to be his home for thirty years. Here he lived among the Abenaki tribe-eating their food, teaching catechism, and bringing them the sacraments.

Martyr explores the heart and mind of a true martyr for the Faith, Father Sebastian Rale, a man who gave up life as a French scholar to live a hard life in the wilderness. He stood up for the land rights of the Indians and insisted on their right to practice the Catholic faith, a faith the Indians embraced. By so doing, he became an enemy of the British Empire. A bounty was placed on his head. One hundred pieces of silver were offered for his scalp-a fate impossible to escape.

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Lucia of Fatima (to be released in 2020)