“If You ever Go Across the Sea to Ireland…”

Hundreds of miles off the coast of Ireland, I felt our Delta jet rumble and drop rapidly in altitude as we approached Dublin Airport. It was a golden sunrise over the patchwork of pastures bordering the Irish Sea. Thoughts of Irish ancestors flooded my mind. More than a hundred years had passed since the Griffins, … Read more“If You ever Go Across the Sea to Ireland…”

Song of the Humpback Whale

Deep beneath the vast expanse of oceans, humpback whales glide through dark waters in search of food and mates. Biologists have long listened to the mysterious sounds emanating from these giant mammals. Moans and groans and cries emit otherworldly emotions. Recently scientists have discovered surprising changes in their songs. Australian scientists have recorded fewer wails, … Read moreSong of the Humpback Whale