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A one-armed artist did this painting. Whaling was dangerous work.

Here is the paiting fromthe book. It appears on page 38.

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Dangerous Work!

Lost an arm at sea! That's what happened to the artist, Cornelius B. Hulsart, the whaling man who rendered the sketch I used in the book. Check out p. 38 and see the painting Capturing a Whale, circa 1830. This is what it really looked like to harpoon a whale at close range. Hulsart certainly knew from experience!

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Race to the finish!

December 13th marks one month since my book, The Wreck of the Essex, was launched. What a race to the finish getting the Kindle and paperback versions in time for the release of the movie, In the Heart of the Sea. It happened! Just like Bilbo Baggins, the story is out of the Hobbit hole. Out of the dark cold mornings where I sat in front of the old computer and wrote the odyssey of Thomas Nickerson. It is tale of courage, hope, and friendship. Enjoy this inspiring story and please tell your friends and family.



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