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Welcome read-aloud fans! I hope you enjoyed my interview on Jennifer Fulwiler's radio show. Keep reading this blog for resources that encourage you to read aloud to your child and enjoy the experience.

First-I recommend you buy Jim Trelease's The Read - Aloud Handbook 7th edition. You can buy it for less than $6.00 [that includes delivery] on Amazon. Best investment you will ever make for your child's education. 

Second- Visit his website trelease-on-reading.com. Valuable printouts for free. Located at FREE reading brochures on website.

Third - Buy my book The Wreck of the Essex. Qualifies as a suspenseful page-turner. Inspiring themes about courage and friendship. Also available on Kindle.

Fourth - Watch for future posts at this website for more practical ideas and resources on raising happy readers.

Sold out!
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