Lucia of Fatima: Episode 7


Once again, you are getting an insider’s look on writing and book making. I am excited to reveal the cover for Lucia of Fatima. I am fortunate to engage the services of a fine artist named John Folley. He has created computer- generated covers for Perilous Days and Martyrs. It is truly amazing what he can do with one photograph and then render skies full of color and drama.A graphic artist will add the text.

Here is the black and white photograph he selected for Lucia. He completely transforms the image. I love the white aura he added around this amazing little girl. It accurately conveys her role as a visionary. From the age of ten until her death at age 98, she lived as a person with one foot in heaven and the other on earth.

I hope to complete another draft by May. Hopefully it will have been edited and published by the end of this summer.

Last night I discovered that the movie Fatima will be released in April. Guess what? It is the same concept I have been working on since last year, that is Fatima from the perspective of Lucia!


Thanks to all who sent ideas about my other book, Miraculous!: Catholic Mysteries for Kids. Looks like I should consider doing a second volume! I have decided on the mysterious stairway located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, suggested by my daughter. Her family plans to visit there this summer.

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