More Wonders of Water!

Spring has sprung even in the frozen tundra of Maine. I spotted people outside wearing T-shirts in 60-degree weather! Snow still melts in the woods behind our house. I have yet to hear the chirping of robins. Here and there I see green grass sprouting in sunny areas. That brings us to our next topic. Ready for another miracle of nature? Let’s look at photosynthesis. 

Several astounding qualities of water make life possible on our planet. We have the inexplicable ability for solid ice to float in lighter liquids, to boil and freeze at precisely the correct temperature (against all logic), and the viscosity of water to erode rocks and bring nutrients into the soil.

Let’s try a thought experiment to understand why the viscosity (thickness) of water is crucial to life. Suppose water was thick like olive oil. Trees would not be able to draw water through narrow capillaries into uppermost branches where leaves absorb sunlight. Photosynthesis could not work its magic. In this vital chemical reaction, sun hits the leaves, and triggers chlorophyll to fracture water into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen fills the air for us to breathe. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by leaves, combines with hydrogen to manufacture sugars and carbohydrates used to feed the tree. 

No photosynthesis means no life on earth. Be grateful that water is not thick as olive oil. 

Once again, we see the intricacies of nature, that fine tuning of even a humble water molecule point to one inescapable conclusion. Science now leads us to the reality that an infinitely intelligent Being created our world.

3 thoughts on “More Wonders of Water!

  1. Kathryn, You amaze me with all this knowledge that you enrich us with. Thank you so much for sharing and helping us to continue to stand in awe when we consider all the marvels of God’s world and His work in each of us. God Bless you!

  2. Just read “Man in the White Jeep” I have just turned 86, March 17th. Reminds me of the times in front of the abortion “Clinic” in Chgo.
    Past those days now.
    God bless!

    • Hello, Thanks for your comment. It is always a sad vigil to see cars entering through the “clinic” gates. We pray for all involved. I am also a Secular Franciscan. Peace and All Good, Kathryn

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