No Ice Fishing?

In the last post, I described the strange nature of water. How peculiar to think ice (a solid) is lighter than liquid and yet an ice cube can float. What does that matter? Just shrug your shoulders and move on to other matters. Hold on a minute. Listen to this important message.

Imagine that ice did not float. Lakes would freeze from the bottom up thus demolishing the entire ecosystem. Every drop of water above the frozen bottom would freeze. No liquid water, no fish. Every perch or trout or pickerel would be frozen dead in blocks of ice, no longer swimming freely. Ice fishermen know this. They can drill through a foot of ice and see life teeming far below, even in the dead of winter. Why? That layer of ice at the top insulates the water below, allowing fish to survive. 

Now the plot thickens.

Nobel-prize winning biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi considers the nature of water “extraordinary.” Chemists can accurately predict the boiling and freezing points of substances by molecular size. Not in the case of water. Based on his study of water molecules, Gyorgyi predicts that water should boil (not freeze) at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. As we know, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. He also predicts that water should freeze at the almost unimaginable temperature of -148 degrees Fahrenheit.

How vital are these bizarre qualities of water to life on earth? Tweak the boiling or freezing temperatures of water and life could not exist on our planet. Here is still more fine tuning of our planet that baffles even the most intelligent atheist. It begins to defy logic that the complexity of our world does not point to the thumbprint of God.

More on this later.

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  1. WOW, Kathryn! You never cease to amaze me. How we take so much for granted, when such mystery (divine mystery) lives in even a glass of water. Thanks always for your insight! God Bless!

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