Song of the Humpback Whale

Deep beneath the vast expanse of oceans, humpback whales glide through dark waters in search of food and mates. Biologists have long listened to the mysterious sounds emanating from these giant mammals. Moans and groans and cries emit otherworldly emotions. Recently scientists have discovered surprising changes in their songs. Australian scientists have recorded fewer wails, … Read moreSong of the Humpback Whale

The Death of Jacinta

February 20,1920     A hospital in Lisbon, Portugal Jacinta Martos was only nine years old when she lay dying in a hospital, far away from her family. Her diagnosis was purulent pleurisy. Nurses bustled around the hospital ward, comforting patients. Jacinta listened to patients groaning, but she was silent. Doctors had removed three infected ribs, using only … Read moreThe Death of Jacinta