What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Perhaps you pondered this question as you watched children play with snarling dinosaur toys. Not until 1980 did scientists come up with an answer. Sixty-six million years ago an asteroid slammed into earth, destroying much of plant life and 75 per cent of animal life, including all dinosaurs. The asteroid was only seven miles in diameter yet created a gigantic cloud of dust that blocked sunlight and destroyed many forms of life.

Here’s more history that might make you nervous. In 1908 an asteroid only three hundred feet in diameter exploded over Siberia and destroyed eighty million trees. A recent movie, Don’t Look Up, told the story of a comet barreling toward earth. Scientists discover the comet and try to warn the world. If the comet crashes into earth, we all die. I won’t spoil the ending. I will tell you that this scenario is highly unlikely.

Here’s why.

Eric Metaxis in his book Is Atheism Dead?, writes that we have two “celestial linebackers” that protect us from incoming asteroids and meteorites. Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants, incredibly large and distant, with powerful gravitational pull. Metaxis writes that Saturn and Jupiter protect us “either by simply deflecting them into outer space or actually absorbing them into themselves.” 

Without Jupiter and Saturn life on earth would have ceased to exist long ago. Once again, here is an example of the fine-tuning of the universe that atheists find troubling and impossible to refute.

More on this later.

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  1. Kathryn, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for helping me feel like I am a young teenager again, discovering a new world that has always been ours since creation. Wow! Sr. Dorine

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