New Book! Exciting Summer Reading for Kids!

Everybody loves a good story with plots that twist and characters that inspire. Rescued! fills the bill with tales that span the world and the ages from first century Jerusalem to twentieth century Maine. Read about St. Peter’s miraculous escape from prison. St. Patrick escapes from slavery thanks to the mysterious voice of God urging him to … Read moreNew Book! Exciting Summer Reading for Kids!

How Did the World Begin?

Bell Laboratory in Holmdel, New Jersey, 1964 Arno Penzias clamped on his headphones and listened intently to the crackling sounds emanating from his radio, a device attached to a cryogenic microwave receiver used for astronomical observations. He turned to a colleague, Robert Woodrow Wilson. “Every day it is the same problem,” Arno complained. “That aggravating … Read moreHow Did the World Begin?