Catholic Media Award Winner!

I am excited to report that Lucia of Fatima was awarded first place in Best Books For Youth (ages 10-16).

Here is what the judges said.

A work of historic fiction that while geared to the younger generation can be enjoyed by parents and grandparents too. The story of Lucia being visited by Our Lady has been told many times over the years, but never in this way. Pressure put on Lucia to retract her stories about the visits by our Lady were unsuccessful. Her faith was so admirable and we can, and should learn from her. The chapters are fast reading, but very thought provoking.

It was my intent to write a book from Lucia’s perspective. What was it like for a child to encounter a supernatural visitor? I wanted the reader to walk in her shoes. I researched her memoirs and those of her Carmelite sisters. It came as a surprise that she was persecuted by her family and villagers. The skepticism of her mother was deeply hurtful. Lucia lived to be 97 years old and had other mystical experiences. That phase is also covered in the book.

Read Lucia of Fatima and be inspired!

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