Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids

I was thrilled to awake this glorious summer morning to discover that Miraculous: Catholic Mysteries for Kids is available for purchase! It is always exciting for an author to conceive an idea, write, rewrite, polish and see the finished product.

Last November, I compiled ideas for ten short stories that would illuminate events of supernatural origin recorded in Church history. First to make the list was the Miracle of the Sun-a solar phenomenon in which 70,000 witnessed the sun “dance” (as described by witnesses). The date was October 13, 2017 on a hillside in Fatima, Portugal.

 As I wrote, my goal was to make each story come alive with heroic characters who come face to face with the supernatural. I really wanted to introduce young readers to the miraculous origins of our Faith. What better way than through stories? Included are three major apparitions, the man who first photographed the Shroud of Turin, Padre Pio’s flying escapades and more. 

I was blessed to have John Folley create the cover and illustrations. He masterfully rendered a cover filled with vibrant color. His illustrations capture the heart of each story.

For those who purchased Heavenly Hosts: Eucharistic Miracles for Kids, you will enjoy this companion book. I included a section in the back entitled What Science and History Tell Us… It describes scientific studies on the Shroud, Saint Juan Diego’s tilma, and the Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano. One of the more unusual stories is The House of the Virgin Mary, said to have been moved four times from Nazareth to Italy, each move accomplished by angels. Sound impossible? Just read the studies of this ancient house and how many famous saints and popes made pilgrimages to this holy place.

Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids can be purchased at Amazon.

I hope that you enjoy Miraculous! and are inspired by the wonders of our Catholic faith. Oh, and please share this post and write a review on Amazon. It really helps get out the word!

2 thoughts on “Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids

  1. Dear Kathryn! Our family is looking forward to buying this new book! Thank you! Any chance this book would be available in Spanish? We are raising bilingual kids and it’s getting harder to get Spanish catholic books for kids older than 5! Thank you! May God bless you

    • Hello, I hope that you enjoy this book and that it will inspire your family to see the true treasure that is our Church. I would like to have the book translated into Spanish in the near future. You might want to see my other book. ..Heavenly Hosts:Eucharistic Miracles for Kids…it is translated into Spanish.https://www.amazon.com/dp/1793223882k
      May God Bless you and your family.

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