Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids

We are all in “quiet time” here in rural Maine, a period with few scheduled events and plenty of time at home. That is a perfect setting for writers to make headway on projects. Currently, I am working on two projects. I have mentioned Lucia of Fatima several times in this blog. I still have several more months of polishing on that. Now let us turn to Miraculous! Catholic Mysteries for Kids.

For years I have been fascinated by supernatural events recorded over centuries of Church history. Many have been studied by scientists who often come up with the same conclusion. That is, there is no scientific reason for extraordinary events documented by the Church. 

Three major phenomena are the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the burial cloth of Jesus. It has undergone two significant scientific studies in recent years and left scientists mystified by the results. The Eucharistic miracle of Lanciano also has undergone scrutiny, with conclusions that put this 1200-year-old relic beyond the reach of science. Bread and wine consecrated centuries ago miraculously turned into real flesh and real blood at a Mass in the 800’s. Every study, including one conducted by the World Health Organization, revealed the species to be heart muscle from a living human being, type A-B blood, with no signs of preservatives.  Scientists have also studied the cloak of St. Juan Diego. In 1531, a peasant witnessed apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, known to us as Our Lady of Guadalupe. A miraculous image was left on his cloak, an image with no signs of brush strokes or pigments. The rough cloak should have fallen apart centuries ago yet is still intact.

I have taken ten such miraculous events and written short stories to share with children ages eight and older.

John Folley, a gifted artist, has created 10 superb pen and ink illustrations and a stunning cover for the book. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek at John’s artwork and the stories I will share with young readers. 

Stay tuned for more news about these two exciting projects.

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