Miraculous II

I am pleased to announce that my seventh book has now been released. Two years in the making, it is an illustrated treasury of ten stories that span the centuries and the world.

In this collection, young readers will read the thrilling stories of Longinus at Golgotha, the vision of Constantine in the battle to save Rome, and four apparitions. From the woods of Wisconsin to the streets of Calcutta, families will read inspiring stories of supernatural events that changed the course of history.

Artist John Folley has created brilliant illustrations filled with details that bring characters to life. I am so grateful that he shares his talent for these books. Pen and ink illustrations require a great deal of time and effort. 

Thanks also to the many families who have bought these books over the last five years. The mission of my writing is to nurture the faith of young people through exciting stories taken from the history of the Catholic Church. It still astounds me that 40,000 of these books have sold in the last five years. Praise God.

Please go to the top of this website. Click on My Books. You will see a link to purchase Miraculous II.

Enjoy the stories!

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