Don’t Worry. Be Happy!

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking a walk with my two young grandchildren on a warm spring day. It was a leisurely walk in a quiet neighborhood. After the long, dark winter, we in northern New England savor the feel of sun on our faces. No longer do we have to brace ourselves against bitter winds. Even the little ones seemed to sense the spirit of relaxation.

Onward we strolled. Two-year-old Patrick picked up a long branch. He squished the stick into mud and remnants of snowbanks, fascinated by the textures of puddles and wet sand. Curiosity prevailed as he experimented along the roadside.

Mary, only four, scoured the gravel, looking for rocks covered with shiny mica. In her eyes, we were panning for gold. Eagerly, she tucked these treasures in her pocket.

High aloft, a mourning cloak butterfly danced in the sunshine, flitting over our heads.

“It wants to play with us,” I said.

Indeed, that seemed to be the case. Playfully, the winged dancer dove and soared. It was a moment of delight. Further on, Mary made an observation. Keen of eye, she noticed small cracks in the pavement. It was something to ponder. In a calm, matter-of-fact voice she shared her thoughts.

“When I see cracks in the road, it makes me think that the whole world is breaking apart.”

Did she really say what I thought she said? Mary was not frightened by her earth-rattling thought. She was the picture of serenity. And so must I be at peace like my grandchild. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, walks with us, even when it seems, at times, that our world is breaking apart.

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