A Martyr from Maine?

Nine months in the making and now my next book Martyrs is almost ready to be sent to the publisher! Martyrs is the gripping story of Father Sebastian Rale- a courageous Jesuit who lived among the Wabanaki people of Maine for thirty years. He was killed in a massacre by British soldiers in August 1724. It is book 2 in the Brave Hearts series -inspiring stories about Catholic men and women.

Watch for the announcement!

1 thought on “A Martyr from Maine?

  1. Kathryn…Congratulations! Hopefully many will read this work and perhaps some conversions. Love the cover. It is so good! Very eye appealing. I want to read this!
    I am happy for you and for the reading world!

    So good to be using the gifts God has given you!
    Can hardly wait!
    Nancy Lawrence

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