The Little Saint

One hundred years ago on this day – St. Francisco Marto- died at the age of ten years old. Francisco was one of the three famous visionaries of Fatima, Portugal.  In 1917, his younger sister Jacinta and older cousin Lucia witnessed extraordinary visions of the Blessed Mother. Six times The Lady appeared to them during a period from May to October. In those apparitions, Francisco learned that he would soon be taken up to heaven.

This proved to be true. In 1918, a terrible flu epidemic swept the world, killing 100 million people. After much suffering, Francisco died on April 4, 1919 from complications of influenza.

He was canonized on May 13,2017,  joined by his sister Jacinta as officially recognized saints of the Catholic Church.

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  1. Is this the same Carol Bannon who wrote ‘Handshake From Heaven’? I have bought three of those books for my grandchildren making their 1st Communion. The art is simply beautiful and so is the message contained therein. I thank my friend Doreen for making it known to me for the first time eight years ago.

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